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The Parish of Stourmouth


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The Parish of Stourmouth

Stourmouth is listed in the Domesday Book as Ezilamerth and it has also been known as Sturmude.  People have lived in Parish for at least 1000 years and it is possible that there were dwellings here as far back as roman times.  The Little Stour flows towards Sandwich defining the Saxon shoreline and joins the Great Stour just before Pluck's Gutter.  The Parish has two main areas of residence in West Stourmouth and East Stourmouth connected by 'Church Walk', a public footpath running across what is known locally as 'The List'.  A great walk on any day with great views across the Parish of open fields, copses, hedges, riverside, extensive orchards and livestock grazing.  This site is a service for residents of the Parish of Stourmouth and visitors.  We have captured alot more about Stourmouth and its history on the 'More about Stourmouth' site page.

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